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Bluebird of Happiness

What we choose for images and symbols on our memorials can reveal so much. Perhaps it's a biblical verse, a line from a favoured song or etching of a well loved place. These images can hold wonderful memories and shared histories for families. This is a carving of a bird house, okay, you look at this this, and say, these people liked birds.

Ah, but lets look at little closer.... this is a bluebird house. The eastern bluebird with it's beautiful blue colours and distinctive call is found in a variety of places through Ontario and is a most welcome sign of the return of spring, to help keep the bluebird populations healthy, naturalists urge people to build bluebird boxes as the preferred natural nesting sites disappear . One such couple who heeded the call to help was Glenn and Sharrone Baker, their daughter Lynn DeSalvo takes up the their story...

My dad built hundreds of these boxes out of barn boards and put them up along fence lines all over the countryside and then had to go back each spring and clean them out for the next nesting season. After he passed away my Mom continued to do the spring ritual of cleaning the boxes. It is so important to all of us that they be remembered for this.