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Artwork and Cravings

Kinkaid and Loney Monuments uses three methods for carving floral patterns designs crest- Shape Carving and Etching and Sculpting.

Shape Carving is done by fine sandblasting to deep-cut three dimensional floral designs.

The carving created for the Lunney family not only reflects their history but is one of continuity as well. Several generations of Lunneys are interred in the Pakenham area, dating back to the 1830's when they first arrived for Ireland and settled in the area. The Celtic Cross and shamrocks are representative of this heritage. The Maple Leaf, a symbol of the present and future of a Canadian family

Etchings are drawn free hand by the artist on black granite and provide exceptional detail from scenes to protraits Below are some examples

As well, our artisans are able to create sculpted works.