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A properly crafted memorial must:

  • Be readable
  • Reflect the people it represents
  • Be attractive and ascetically pleasing
  • Be expected to last. Literally, forever, with little or no maintenance

Factors which must be considered:

  • Granite colour and quality must be chosen for the best effects
  • Lettering methods must be used
  • Design experience must be incorporated
  • Skilled craftsmanship must be applied
  • Proper installation must be followed


Granite is available in many colours. Quality is not a major issue but we prefer to process as much as possible in Canada to ensure our guarantee to you of a lasting product.


Kinkaid and Loney Monuments produces lettering that is FULLY FINISHED. Mass production shops use sandblast-only methods which only simulate V-Sunk and raised lettering. They often use fonts and sandblasting methods on all colours which do not supply optimum results. There are three basic types of lettering for granite.

Sandblasting is used to achieve depth. Chisel work is used to FULLY FINISH two of those methods. There are correct and incorrect applications for each type, depending mainly on the colour of granite used. Correct depth must be used for each application and colour of stone is the most important factor in choosing the method. Font styles, sizes and spacing are all important for a proper result.


This type of lettering is used on light coloured granites to create a dark letter against the lighter background.
The inscriptions are cut deep on an unpolished background.


V-Sunk lettering is used on dark stones. After sandblasting to a shallow depth, it is then cut deeper by hand, with a chisel, to achieve a sharp finish, providing a distinct "white" letter on the dark background.


Raised lettering is actually a polished letter with the background cut away. It is sandblasted to the required depth, depending on the size of the letter, and then the background is cut by chisel to provide a smooth "white" background. It should be used on dark granites.

Kinkaid and Loney Monuments uses three methods for carving floral patterns and designs.


Shape Carving is done by fine sandblasting to deep-cut three dimensional floral designs

Etchings are drawn free hand by the artist on black granite and provides exceptional detail from scenes to portraits. Working from personal photos and mementos these pieces of art offer another way for families to describe their lives and loved ones.

Our artisans are able to create sculpted works providing depth and detail.


The footing beneath a monument is extremely important. When Kinkaid and Loney Monuments installs a foundation we use a method which corresponds to the recommendations of the Joint Board of the Ontario Cemetery Act. We incorporate a design which has been proven effective. Our foundations include an additional granite top which keeps all concrete below ground and is not subject to weather deterioration.