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Deep roots

According to some surveys, 28 % Canadians would move every 5 years, another 14% would move every year, our American counterparts on average move 11 times over the course of their lives, that's a lot of moving boxes. This is the story of one Lanark County farming family who roots run deep and chose their memorial to reflect their abiding love for their homestead and the generations who went before them. Bev Madden provides a bit of their history---

The Madden family emigrated from Ireland in 1823 with the Peter Robinson Settlers. Working hard they earned the right to apply for land. In 1840 the Crown deeded Lot 11-Conc. 12 Ramsay Township to Thomas Madden. This remains home to the Madden family to the present day.

Joe Madden was born in 1928, eldest son of John and Loretta (Hogan), he had six brothers and three sisters. In 1943 an accident claimed his father’s life and Joe stepped into his roll of farming at the age of fifteen. Through a depression and hard times the family worked hard to keep this land. In 1965 Joe and Beverly purchased the farm. Joe was 5th generation direct. With his family Jo Ann and Jeffrey he continued to farm until his death in 2010; a total of 65 years. Joe’s passion and pride was his beloved Tara Hill. His eldest grandson Chris, 7th generation continues to farm this land today.

Our ashes shall blow over Tara Hill but we thank Loney Monuments for this beautiful “family” memorial bench placed in St. Paul’s Anglican Cemetery, a place where all may rest, remember and reflect.