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Diane’s Flowers

The shape of this black granite stone lent itself beautifully to the carved lilacs Gloria and Pauline chose for their sister Diane. Europeans first introduced the Lilac to North American in the 1750’s.  Lilac takes it's name from the French and Spanish words Lilac. In the Persian and Arabic languages  it’s Lilak. According to Greek mythology a beautiful nymph named Syriniga was chased by Pan the god of the forests and fields and escaped by turning herself into the aromatic bush we know as Lilacs. The latin botanical name for Lilac is Syringa vulgaris. Why the lilacs for Diane? Gloria and Pauline explain....

"Diane loved the smell of her lilacs and had two huge trees in her back yard and loved having bouquets of them in the house.
In spite of the long stressful hours of working at the Ottawa Police Department, her time off was spent volunteering; Here passion was children and dogs. Many children will remember her all their lives for the difference she made teaching them how to excel in reading and mathmatics. She volunteered in the local library and would collect interesting books to give to the children that were struggling with reading to take home to help them with their reading skills. At school year end she would take the entire class to Dairy Queen for their favourite ice cream treats.
Working for the Ottawa Police, she loved her K9's and would sneak them biscuits. They knew to come to her desk looking for their special treat."