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Cemetery Lettering

What is Cemetery Lettering?

Monuments that are already installed that need additional lettering added, usually the final date.

How is the work done?

We are able to letter memorials on site, matching the existing lettering styles and fonts.

When will the lettering be done?

Weather permitting. Due to the nature of our Ontario springs, we must wait until the ground is hard enough for our equipment to safely travel through the cemetery without creating any disturbances. Normally, we begin the letter in early May and finish up before the frost in late October, early November.

How can I place an order to have a date added?

Just give us a phone call, (613) 283-3480, or 1-800-749-0807 or submit a request Click Here!

How long does it take once I place an order?

It can take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. As we continuously travel throughout the region we organize our lettering into areas so that we can get the most amount of lettering done at one time.

What do I need to place a lettering order?

We will need the family name on the stone, the names that are there now and what new information you wish to have added. We take down as much information as possible, full date of birth and the full date of death , we will try to match whatever lettering style is already on the stone.

I don't have a lot number or know the size of the monument, does that matter?

No problem, if you can give us a general description of the stone then it will make our job of finding it much easier. Is it an upright monument, a flat marker? Is it located near the back of the cemetery, the fence, near an object? Color?

I don't know if the monument came from Kinkaid Loney, can you still letter it for me?

Certainly, we are able to match all lettering styles. We also are able to do lead lettering. Once common on older monuments, these letters are cut by hand and is an exacting art.

My monument is not in this area, can you do the lettering?

Our main focus is Lanark, Leeds, Grenville and Renfrew Counties, Ottawa and surrounding areas and the Kingston region. If your monument resides out of our normal operating area we can arrange to have the work completed for you through one of our many contacts in the monument industry.

When do I pay?

We usually send an invoice upon completion of the work. If this bill is going through an estate, we can send the invoice to the lawyers prior to the work being completed so the estate can be settled. We don't accept visa or debit, only cash, cheque or e-transfer.

I need to add another name to the stone, but I don't know if there is enough room.

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you are able to send us a photo, either via email or mail we can determine if there is enough space. Otherwise we need a measurement of the space available from the bottom of the last inscription to the bottom of the monument, and the width of the stone itself.

What can I do if there is not enough space available? There are a number of options available. With the increase in cremations, more and more people are being interred in the family plot. One solution, is to install a slant faced base that can be lettered.

Other options include: